Speakers, mentors and organisers 2017

In alphabetical order:

  • Christopher Bryan (United States – Sweden)

Christopher is currently in his third year of studies in International Migration & Ethnic Relations at Malmö University in Sweden. He has recently been employed part-time with Malmö City’s Social Resource Management for Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers. Christopher also holds a B.A. in Foreign Missions, and has previously served as a missionary to university students in Paris, France, through Assemblies of God World Missions. His future hopeful endeavours are to plant international churches in Malmö, a city comprised of 40% immigrants. These churches will focus heavily on Biblical literacy and engage social issues related to questions of migration and global justice.

  • Lena Johansson (Sweden)

Lena Johansson holds a business degree in economics and management. She launched various companies and organizations during the last 25 years. After being in charge of the Regional Innovation System in the Regional Council in the Western part of Sweden, Lena started her own consultant company (Projektum AB) with a focus on business development, innovation, social entrepreneurship and developments and on every project idea that involves God’s Kingdom. She is also a member of the Swedish board of ICCC (International Christian Chamber of Commerce). She lives in the small old town of Gränna (Sweden) and attends a local Pentecostal church.

  • Ineta Lansdovne (Latvia)


Ineta Lansdovne is from Latvia but from 2004-2016 worked in missions and community development in Southeast Asia. She completed a course in Reconciliation and Justice Studies in England and has focused on international and interfaith relations in the global and European context. She has participated in various peace building projects in England, Latvia, Thailand, Myanmar and also writes a weekly blog peaceroads.com Currently she is pursuing studies in Theology and World Religions at University of Latvia in Riga.

  • Cédric Placentino (Italy – Finland)


Cédric Placentino was born into an Italian family in Belgium. Married to Elina, a Finnish lady, they moved to Finland two years ago with their two daughters. Having a heart for Europe, Cédric and Elina work in various organisations, such as the Schuman Centre for European Studies, the Pentecostal European Fellowship, and the 24-7 prayer movement. Cédric holds an M.A. in Applied Science.

  • Elina Placentino (Finland)

Elina Placentino was born in Finland but spent most of her childhood in England where her parents worked among Indian immigrants. She is an English and French teacher by profession but at present spends most of her time mothering two gorgeous little girls.

  • Joanna Storie (Latvia)

Joanna Storie is currently working towards a PhD at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Her research is in Participatory Development in Rural Latvia and Estonia with the aim of giving a voice to ordinary citizens in rural areas. She also has a Masters in Managing Sustainable Rural Development. Joanna Storie has home-schooled her own children and been head of Sunday School in the UK and the US. She also helps her husband with their alpaca farm in Latvia.

  • Urmas Viilma (Estonia)


Urmas Viilma is the Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. He studied theology at the EELC Theological Institute which he graduated in 1998. Urmas Viilma was ordained deacon on May 2nd, 1993, and priest on September 15th, 1998. From 1991 until 2014, Urmas Viilma was a school teacher. He taught religious studies in several schools. For many years, he served also as a school chaplain.

  • Peeter Vosu (Estonia)

Peeter Vosu is a co-founder and has been working as the Managing Director of Estonian Christian Television (ECTV) since 1991, producing many TV programs and documentaries for Estonian Television (public service TV) and other TV channels. He has initiated and led several non-governmental and political organizations like Estonian Christian Democrats, European Christian Political Movement, Estonia Branch of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, etc. Peeter Vosu is a member of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) and Co-Chairman of IRL Christian Fraction