Committees 2017

Here are the topics that will be dealt with in the committees:

  • Creation care and Natural resources

Mentor: Joanna Storie (Latvia)

  • Economics

Mentor: Lena Johansson (Sweden)

  • Migration

The focal points of the committee on Migration are:
Execute a literary analysis of the Biblical narrative where it relates to nations/nation-states, nationalism, ethnic relations, and international migration.
Understand the historical and contemporary philosophical and political discourse surrounding ethnicity, nationalism, and international migration.
Formulate Biblical informed proposals for migration policy which take into account the state’s obligations to good governance, human rights, and global justice.

Mentor: Christopher Bryan (United States – Sweden)

  • Nationalism
The Baltic States and their strategic and historic place between East and West. God’s will for reconciliation and right relations between nations. Discerning the worldwide signs of new tribalism. Challenges and possibilities in relation to Russia. Practical steps in being good neighbors. Blessed are the peacemakers

Mentor: Ineta Lansdovne (Latvia)

More information will be provided soon…